Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Specialist COVID-19 deep cleaning and sanitisation services

Sanitising teams available 24 hours a day

Our Coronavirus sanitising teams are available 24 hours a day and can offer a same day sanitation in case of an emergency. Each specialist clean is followed up with a full report; pictures and video detailing surfaces and areas covered; when they were cleaned and who by.

  • Destroys bacteria – including C.diff and MRSA
  • Short cycle times – quick turnaround of rooms
  • Portable – easy to move from room-to-room
  • Cost-efficient – ozone generated in situ.
  • Teams across the UK
  • Thorough – Reaches areas unattainable with routine cleaning
  • Effective odour removal – fresh, natural smell of ozone
  • Clean and safe – no dangerous chemical residues left behind

Our fogging services for COVID-19

Our fogging services for COVID-19 is scientifically tested to kill at a rate of 99.9999%. The fastest and easiest way of sanitising large areas with minimum disruption; ideal for outbreak control measures and for use in all environments. Our high penetration cold fog vaporisation service gets into hard to reach areas and is non-corrosive. As well as viruses our service also kills bacteria, fungi and mould.

WE fog & wipe down your services

Using our treatment C21 to kill 99.9% of viruses, we transform the safety qualities of well-used (or even newly installed) surfaces with a product which is made for speed of application and effectiveness. Our experienced team will complete all treatments with minimal disruption to your business.

WE certify

On completion we will supply certification of the sanitation of all areas. Rooms will be photographed/video dialogued, dated with times and supplied for completion of the deep clean sanitation works.

WE maintain

We can supply suitable cleaning products to help maintain your sanitation, from our recommended cleaning product range.

Treatment for all locations including:

  • Hotels, pubs & leisure facilities
  • Commercial kitchens & food-safe areas
  • Local Authority buildings & schools
  • NHS & medical facilities
  • Swimming pools & leisure centres
  • Garages & service stations
  • Haulage, railways & dockyards
  • Engineering industries & manufacturing plant

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More Services

COVID-19 Signs & Safety Signage on Demand

Social distancing is going to be part of daily life for longer than we expected and keeping your customers and staff safe, is at the forefront of all our minds. Signage can help you communicate safe practices and we are on hand to deliver custom signs to virtually any specification suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Slip Resistance Testing

Our nationwide skid and slip resistance testing services are sought across a huge range of industries for the workplace and public facing environments. For a simple fee, we will come and test your surfaces and provide a detailed report that is deemed evidentiary of your due dilligence in workplace or public space safety

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Non-Slip Floor Treatments

Our patented formula, Non Slip 21 aka NS21 is simply the best treatment to increase the friction of internal and external slippery floors worldwide. No other treatment has an endorsement by the CTIOA and we are the sole manufacturers of the product. We can apply the treatment quickly at your premises and have you back in businesses before you know it.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

We manufacture and sell a range of cleaning ang non-slip floor maintenance solutions that out perform many of the best brands on the market whilst maintaining the performance of your non-slip treated floor.

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Bathroom Non-Slip Safety Surfaces

Safety Direct Group are specialists in treating bath tubs, showers and bathroom floors to compliant slip resistance standards and regulations. Having carried out literally thousands of treatments in the hospitality sector over the years, we the sole preferred contractor for two of the largest group hotel operators in the UK.

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Expert Witness Services

We have played an instrumental role in countless cases concerning slip and fall incidents at the workplace and in public spaces.

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Free Laboratory Sample Testing

Architects, specifiers and manufacturers send us their samples for free slip-resistance lab tests all the time. We’ll help you make or specify safe floor coverings for your clients and customers free of charge!

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