Custom Coronavirus Signage

Using the power of a signage, communicate your Coronavirus awareness, safety, sanitation and social distancing policy so you can re-open your locations safe in the knowledge, everyone will know how to maintain the crucial social distancing measures in and around your premises.

Social distancing is very likely to be part of our daily lives for much longer than expected. Keeping your customers and staff safe is of critical importance and part of this responsibility is communicating your social distancing policy effectively along with any other operational concerns that are appropriate to your business.

We are offering a full range of Coronavirus awareness, safety, sanitation and social distancing signage so you can re-open your locations safe in the knowledge that all visitors to your premises have the information they need to minimise personal risk.

Beyond stock signage (That can be customised for your brand if required), we can assist in planning, producing and distributing signage at competitive prices and with a fast turnaround so that you can re-open as soon as possible.

All floor signs are anti-slip and comply with BS7976. They will also adhere to carpet, including short-pile of carpets.

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Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Our fogging services for COVID-19 is scientifically tested to kill at a rate of 99.9999%. The fastest and easiest way of sanitising large areas with minimum disruption; ideal for outbreak control measures and for use in all environments. Our high penetration cold fog vaporisation service gets into hard to reach areas and is non-corrosive. As well as viruses our service also kills bacteria, fungi and mould.

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Slip Resistance Testing

Our nationwide skid and slip resistance testing services are sought across a huge range of industries for the workplace and public facing environments. For a simple fee, we will come and test your surfaces and provide a detailed report that is deemed evidentiary of your due dilligence in workplace or public space safety

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Non-Slip Floor Treatments

Our patented formula, Non Slip 21 aka NS21 is simply the best treatment to increase the friction of internal and external slippery floors worldwide. No other treatment has an endorsement by the CTIOA and we are the sole manufacturers of the product. We can apply the treatment quickly at your premises and have you back in businesses before you know it.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

We manufacture and sell a range of cleaning ang non-slip floor maintenance solutions that out perform many of the best brands on the market whilst maintaining the performance of your non-slip treated floor.

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Bathroom Non-Slip Safety Surfaces

Safety Direct Group are specialists in treating bath tubs, showers and bathroom floors to compliant slip resistance standards and regulations. Having carried out literally thousands of treatments in the hospitality sector over the years, we the sole preferred contractor for two of the largest group hotel operators in the UK.

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Expert Witness Services

We have played an instrumental role in countless cases concerning slip and fall incidents at the workplace and in public spaces.

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Free Laboratory Sample Testing

Architects, specifiers and manufacturers send us their samples for free slip-resistance lab tests all the time. We’ll help you make or specify safe floor coverings for your clients and customers free of charge!

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