Meat Processing Factory Achieves Hygenic and Slip Resistant Floors

With specialist hygiene requirements for flooring, Safety Direct helped this producer improve safety and risk too.

A meat process factory having outgrown its existing premises needed refurbishing to fulfil EEC standards (HACCP). The client decided to build a completely new factory following European (HACCP) requirements. The most important surfaces in the new building obviously were the floors.


The client’s installed floors fulfilled the latest hygienic standards but failed to meet slip resistance standards. The hygiene standards require seamless, durable, protective floors in the areas of the building where meat is processed. These same requirements apply to the cold storage areas and loading platforms. Additionally, a new floor was needed for the existing canteen and staff rooms.

Safety Direct, after running tests demonstrating the effectiveness of NS21 to management, were given the contract to treat
all the floors. The loading platforms and cold storage areas received surface floor hardeners and treated with NS21. The canteen and staff rooms were also treated with NS21.

Regular slip resistance testing is being carried out so as to record slip resistance and create an historical record of safety.

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