Clean, dry floors help prevent slips and falls

Maintaining clean, dry floors is essential for the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace. Keep reading for more…

The available floor cleaners in today’s market all serve different environments, for example, acidic cleaners remove inorganic deposits like scaling, rust and mineral deposits. Whilst alkaline cleaners are good for cleaning restaurant and bathroom floors as they dissolve fats, grease, oils, and protein-based substances.

You should always speak with your agent about which product will be best for your environment because some products may be detrimental to your floor surface. Furthermore be sure to keep your floors dry but using good sufficient matting to remove moisture and soiling from the bottoms of shoes. This also doubles up as a good line of defence in the event of a slip accident.

If you have any concerns over your current cleaning regime, cleaning products, entrance matting or slip resistance values of the flooring you have installed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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