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Expert Witness in Slips, Trips and Falls

Specialising in floor walkways; ramps; stairs; safety testing; floor safety products; slip resistance assessments and standards and floor care. We have particular expertise in staircase, steps, walkway and bathroom slips and falls that occur in hospitality, education, retail, healthcare, industrial, marine, and local authority environments etc.

We are equipped with the knowledge and the foremost forensic movement analysis available. We have successfully represented clients in the legal and insurance industries for many years. Our experience in the legal process has regularly required us to provide evidence in the capacity of an expert witness in Magistrates, County, Crown, High and Appeal Courts. We have extensive experience of advising solicitors and counsel on technical issues.

The unique integration and application of the sciences including applied anatomy and biomechanics permits the thorough and detailed interpretation, analysis and explanation of the science in all manner of accidents, including slips trips and falls, sporting, aquatic, workplace and domestic accidents resulting in personal injury.

Investigating and providing expert court testimony, in addition, advice on risk assessment and workplace safety procedures relative to structural geometry, surface textures and the human form.

Accident Site Assessment is undertaken to photograph and provide precise and accurate measurements in relation to the requirements associated with type of accident features.

Our Duties

The primary duty as an expert witness is to the court – to be truthful as to fact, thorough in technical reasoning, honest as to opinion and complete in coverage of relevant matters. This applies to written reports as much as oral evidence, regardless of whether under oath.

When accepting instructions as an expert we assume a responsibility to the client to exercise due care with regard to the investigation carried out and to provide opinion evidence that is soundly based. This necessitates that we undertake only those tasks we are competent to carry out and give only those opinions we are competent to provide.

We treat as confidential the identity of the client and any information acquired in the course of investigation, unless their disclosure is required by law or has been authorised by the client.

Finally, by accepting instructions to act as an expert witness we confirm that we are familiar with the provisions of Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and the associated Practice Direction.

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