Slip Safety for Innovative Products

DCM Surfaces make impact safe surfaces used in schools and playgrounds across the country. We were commissioned to investigate the potential slip characteristics of their impact flooring

About DCM Surfaces

DCM Surfaces are a company that specialises in highly innovative flooring products particularly for child friendly, outdoor play environments. The surfaces they install aren’t limited to these applications though and are in use in many environments across the length and breadth of the country, but implementation in high-risk areas means that this safety product should be subjected to rigorous testing.

The Problem…

Whilst DCM's surfaces had been thoroughly tested for impact resistance qualities and other parameters required for flooring of this nature, largely, little research and testing had been conducted in a formal manner as to the slip resistance qualities of the product not just by DCM but across the entire industry.

This is where DCM differred to their competition. They took a proactive approach to slip resistance and asked our CEO Terry Tyrell-Roberts to conduct an exhaustive evaluation of the product range which concluded the flooring was indeed amongst the lowest risk surfaces for slips.

DCM published an article on their own blog (which you can read here) highlighting the need for slip resistance testing, particularly in these high-risk areas.

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Testing is critical to understanding the cause of slips and falls and as part of an ongoing programme to prevent re-occurrence

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