Slip Resistance Testing Services.

Our nationwide slip resistance testing service is sought across a huge range of industries. For a simple fee, we will test your surfaces, providing a detailed report that is deemed evidentiary of your due dilligence in public safety.

Why you should test your floors

Proving due diligence and making every effort to maximise workplace or public safety is critical to avoiding costly litigation.

The law in most countries and territories is pretty clear: Companies have a duty to ensure so far as possible that both work force and customers are reasonably safe on the company’s premises. Failure to comply with the law can lead to criminal and/or civil liability.

Testing floors for slip resistance is the primary method of proving compliance or discovering where health and safety needs to be improved. If you have untested floors in your workplace or public environment and no risk assessment as to the safety of the surface and an accident happens, you are simply negligent.

Safety Direct provide affordable slip resistance testing services for all industries and premesis throughout the UK and internationally and provide health and safety consultancy and risk assessments for slippery surfaces.

Who is Slip Resistance Testing For?

Architects, Specifiers and Installers

Is the floor covering you're specifying safe? Will it pass slip resistance tests? Will the floor become the cause of accidents and leave you in the frame?

Sometimes a tile or covering would appear to meet the required specification, but can you rely on the manufacturers claims? The answer is independent testing. Sometimes the customer may (Or you might be) be dead set on a covering that does not meet specification and fails slip resistance test. We can help.

To an extent our free slip resistance lab testing will help you, but you also need know that your floor is safe after installation too. Before you hand the project over to your client, talk to us.

Property and Facility Owners or Managers

Have you had an slip and fall accident at your property or the property you manage?

After any slip incident you are required by law under the Health and Safety Management Act of 1999 (Risk Assessment) to undertake an investigation to determine the cause and prevent future re-occurrences.

Slip resistance tests are the primary method for establishing whether a floor surface is compliant or not and it is critical that you test your floor after an accident.

If you own or manage a commercial property, all of your floors, new, refurbished and in-use should have a regular slip resistance testing program in place as a legal requirement.

Our program and documentation of identifies if compliance is being met and forms your defence in the event of a slip trip or fall accident that is not your fault.

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Contract Cleaners

Are you taking on a safe floor? Do you have a contractual obligation with your client to keep a finish safe and compliant?

As expert witnesses, we have experience of cases where contract cleaners have failed to maintain a previously compliant floor surface. A simple slip resistance test can help you determine whether a floor is safe before you start a contract and further periodic tests will demonstrate your continued compliance and contractual oblibations in the event of a slip incident.

More on testing…

We’ve written an article all about slip resistance testing in our blog if you’d like to learn more about how it’s done.

It’s Easy to Book a Test…

All you need to do is get in touch with us over the phone or by email to book a test, to talk to us about a regular testing regime, or seek our expert health and safety advice.

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Our Services

If you’re looking for a company to test the slip resistance of your floors, either you are proactively ensuring the safety of your customers and workforce, or you might have a problem floor. In the latter case, be sure to read about NS21 and our floor treatment service. If you’ve had a slip, trip and fall accident on your premises recently we’re on the end of the phone to talk confidentially about our expert witness service.

Non-Slip Floor Treatments

Our patented formula, Non Slip 21 aka NS21 is simply the best treatment to increase the friction of internal and external slippery floors worldwide. No other treatment has an endorsement by the CTIOA and we are the sole manufacturers of the product. We can apply the treatment quickly at your premises and have you back in businesses before you know it.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

We manufacture and sell a range of cleaning ang non-slip floor maintenance solutions that out perform many of the best brands on the market whilst maintaining the performance of your non-slip treated floor.

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Bathroom Non-Slip Safety Surfaces

Safety Direct Group are specialists in treating bath tubs, showers and bathroom floors to compliant slip resistance standards and regulations. Having carried out literally thousands of treatments in the hospitality sector over the years, we the sole preferred contractor for two of the largest group hotel operators in the UK.

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Expert Witness Services

We have played an instrumental role in countless cases concerning slip and fall incidents at the workplace and in public spaces.

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Free Laboratory Sample Testing

Architects, specifiers and manufacturers send us their samples for free slip-resistance lab tests all the time. We’ll help you make or specify safe floor coverings for your clients and customers free of charge!

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